WORBLI is a financial services network (FSN) where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services.

Our Vision

We believe blockchain technology is going to considerably improve financial services, cloud computing, data analysis, security and storage, supply chain logistics, social networks, voting, healthcare, income inequality, accounting, contractual arrangements and so much more, and WORBLI will be at the forefront of product innovation.

The WORBLI Foundation

The WORBLI Foundation is a not for profit organisation that is committed to fulfilling our vision through the creation of a vibrant WORBLI community, with the following protocols:

Compliant, Reliable and Secure

WORBLI Network is being built especially for Fintech and Compliance focused products, services and businesses.

An Introduction To WORBLI

With First Mover Advantage as a Forked EOS Chain for decentralised FinTech Applications, Worbli is a FinTech Platform designed to structurally:

  1. Reduce friction
  2. Provide exponential scale and reach
  3. Develop and innovate products only possible as a result of Blockchain technology
WORBLI is a financial services network (FSN) where enterprises and individuals can access a broad range of services. Our blockchain ecosystem leverages EOSIO software and is capable of hosting a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) focused on financial innovation, security, reliability and compliance.
We offer a fully transparent network that focuses on fintech products and applications for consumers, SMEs and institutions.

WORBLI is creating a globally compliant framework meeting the regulatory needs of those wanting to develop and deploy their own products, services and/or applications on the WORBLI FSN.

WORBLI with its partners will itself, seed and launch the Gamma Bank, a ‘Fiat and Digital Currency’ Bank providing checking accounts, debit cards and trading. Designed to eliminate the barriers of entry into the digital currency and technology market for the average user, Gamma Bank will facilitate the safe storage, transactions and exchanges of digital assets and fiat currencies.

A strong monetary system, and governance aligning all stakeholders so as to proportionately benefit from prosperity in the Ecosystem.
Typical Applications on WORBLI Network –
  • Personal Finance
  • Investments
  • Wallets Insurance
  • Enterprise Tools
  • Crowdfunding
  • Superannuation
  • Enterprise Banking
  • Lending Services
  • Equity Finance
  • Charitable Donations
  • + more

Key Features of WORBLI

  • Compliance: Enterprise business will benefit from full AML/KYC user account verification.
  • Security: Individual accounts and customers wallets cannot be hacked or altered.
  • Tamper-proof transactions: No one can alter the transaction ledger. The ledger is immutable.
  • Decentralization: There is no central authority for transaction approval. The transactions are peer-to-peer with the Blockchain verifying transactions.
  • Speed of transactions: Peer-to-peer token transfers and traditional financial transactions transfer in seconds.
  • Finance focused Blockchain: The network governance is designed to meet the regulatory needs of global financial services and financial technology businesses.
  • Account Recovery: Provided for all customers. Customer accounts are recoverable if private keys are lost.
  • Startup friendly: Startups will benefit from exchange listing and merchant processing services to easily launch and fund their projects.
  • Superior infrastructure: Leveraging our own independent EOS blockchain with features such as built-in developer tools and feeless, reversible transactions.
  • Strong community support: With solid connections to the EOS network, we have mutual support from many EOS entities and communities such as block producers and advisors.
  • Optimized for enterprise: Businesses and corporations will benefit from predictable pricing models when planning to operate on the network.